Sunday, January 27, 2013

In brightest day, in blackest night (style tips)


Photos by: Bethany Struble                             Jacket by: Pacsun                            Lantern: Paccony

  I've always loved going to the beach, I know it sounds strange, but winter time is actually one of my favorite times to go. Not to swim or anything, but just being there with the cold crisp winter sea air caressing my face, a wonderful feeling. Enough about me though, let's talk about you, what do you like? WHOA WAIT, we're not speed dating.

But really though, the best thing about the winter beach is the beautiful colors of the rain clouds and the sun. Especially if you've got a dark "supernatural-esque*outfit on. If any of you watch the show supernatural and you're desiring a similar style/look, it's actually a pretty simple look to achieve, and here's how!

To achieve a supernatural (The TV series) style in an outfit:
1. Saturation (Or de-saturation actually, the tv series has a very dark mood/setting. The outfits they use help achieve that feel by dressing the main characters with desaturated colors, a couple safe choices are such [most are faded}: Olive green, Navy Blue)
2. Dark colors (They very rarely use bright colors, when they do, the screen is over-layed with deep blue hues to darken the color anyways. If you want to have a darker look, obviously darker colors are a safe choice)
3. Don't layer same colors (Even though their colors are dark and bland due to de-saturation, there is always contrast. The last thing you want to do is end up wearing all black and looking like a goth teen, which is very possible, of course unless if you are a goth teen and you enjoy looking like it. In which case, enjoy)
4. Wear blue denim pants (From what I've seen on the show, they don't wear much of anything but blue denim for bottoms, which is great, blue denim keeps things very casual, but clean and rugged at all times)

And of course if you're like me and enjoy feeling epic, carry an awesome lantern with you. Pretend it wards of ghosts or something, regardless, people will ask you what it's for. When they do, smash it over their head and take their wallet and leave a note that says, "For such occasions". Jk. but not really. But really. ANYWAYS, enjoy!


  1. lol supernatural style. You mean Jensen style. hahaha I like it. <3

  2. really like the scarf!

  3. that's awesome!
    great idea!
    amazing photos and look!!

  4. love these photos!
    and the styling of course!

  5. Love these photos!
    Love the Lantern!

  6. Cool Man, stylish lantern, lovely girl.

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  8. where did u get your glasses? what is it called?