Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Cup of Tea (Bright Pants Styling tips)

Photos by: Nick Sutjongdro                            Vest by: Banana Republic                          Jacket by: Kasil                                  Shoes by: Aldo

AHHHH purple pants. Or plum? no, purple, definitely purple. I don't know what drove me to dress in such a ridiculous manner, regardless, I did. I LIKED IT. But you won't see me wearing this everyday lol. Why? There's just not an occasion for purple pants all the time. Maybe for some of you, but not for me. In fact I usually try to stray away from colored jeans besides the main three, blue/black/beige. Of course sometimes I get a little adventurous, in which a look like this comes out. So is there a rule when it comes to wearing colored pants? Of course not, but I'll write a guide anyways for it.

When it comes to wearing incredibly saturate pants, here are some things to think about:
1. Matching colors in other pieces (if you do this, you'll end up looking like a giant (grape in my case) fruit or crayon.)
2. Moderation (In most cases, saturated pants should be the main color pull in your outfit, statement pieces that let you go a little wild. Pairing it up with shades [black/white/grey] works really well)
3. Confidence (are you confident enough to wear brightly colored pants? If not, leave them in the back of your closet under your 70s dance pants until you're ready to wear them. Colored pants bring in a lot of attention, and I mean A LOT. Seeing as how your legs are about 50-60% of your body [or more if you're a freak like me with ridiculous leg-torso ratio], it's a huge part of your outfit, if more than 50% of your outfit is glowing like a neon pumpkin, it's bound to get some stares) 

Enjoy, and dress well!


  1. nice mix in here!

  2. I want purple pants now!

  3. Sorry to disappoint, but my favorite parts of the outfit were the jacket and the shoes! :)

  4. jaja I like colored pants sometimes too, but I rather use plain jeans. Sometimes is good to stand out a little with some bright colores jeans (I don´t have purple ones yet), and the advices you gave are reallyyyy truth!
    Great post

  5. Really cool, Peter.

  6. you look like the joker !!


  7. Will definitely try this one out with my red pants! Ha!