Thursday, January 10, 2013

SK8ERBOI2 (style tips)

Photos by: Nick Sutjongdro                                    Plaid shirt by: Dr. Martens                              Hat by: PacSun

sk8 sk8, sk8 sk8! Here we go again guys! Yet ANOTHER skater look. I just can't help myself sometimes. When it comes to dressing up...I..........don't. Well, I do, but mainly on a day to day basis, I'm very basic. BUT I AIN'T A BASIC B**CH THO.

My main go-to when it comes to dressing down is obv, the skater look. Dressing like a skater is extremely simple, here are a couple short quick tips to help a brotha out don't know how to

Sk8er boi tips
1. Wear fitting jeans (not just for style and comfort but for utility. In the past, skaters wore baggy jeans, nowadays steez kids who skate wear skin tight jeans. Neither one is wrong, but when it comes to dressing stylish, what you want is to wear the right fit for your look, as I always say. Plus, if you skate in really skinny jeans it restricts your movement, and you might fumble on yourself if you're wearing extremely baggy not sayin my way is the best......but.....yeah.................)
2. K.I.S.S. (the same way you passed[or failed] your S.A.T.s, keep it simple, stupid. There's no real strategy or approach to dressing like a skater [except for this guide, which is completely necessary] other than wearing things that are comfortable. i.e. shirts that aren't too small, jeans, etc. This means no fancy shmancy bowties or ties even, no suspenders, blazers. <---of course there are exceptions to every rule, but this just goes for the very basic skater look)
3. Keep your colors plain (saturation is as saturation does. Idk what relevance that quote served, but the point of it is, keep your colors plain and basic. None of that neon shake and glow, keep that stuff for when you're rolling/dropping...which none of you should be doing....I mean it......I'm watching you >_>)
4. Have fun with it (honestly, just have fun with it, try too hard and you'll look like a poser. Though....technically if you don't skate, you ARE a poser, but...O'WELLLLLL!)

Hope that helps, enjoy!

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  1. perfect outfit !! i think my boyfriend will really appreciate these tips ! thank you :)

  2. i love the checked! and great tips!

  3. Love your outfit and the layering of your shirts! Great look!

    Rachel Ashley

  4. i love your style! you are so perfect >w<

  5. Nice combi of denim and plaid! Didn't know denim under a plaid polo can work out! It looks normal and great on you. Hee~ *u*

    BTW, I like your old blog layout better. :(

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