Friday, March 28, 2014

Bloom to Life

Photos by: Yoshi Sudarso                                                Jacket by: Paige Denim                                           Shirt by: Rhythm USA                                Pants by: Pacsun                                Bracelet by: Alex Kang                                Shoes by: Palladium Boots

Hey lovelies! Spring is almost upon us! I know I keep saying it, but that's because I'm actually super stoked! What better way to greet spring than to bring on the flowers? Many people dislike wearing floral because...well idk really, they must be crazy. Cause floral's probably one of my favorite accented details. Here, pairing it with a black denim jacket and black denim pants, I easily tone down the feminine feel that the floral shirt gives off.

Suitable for: 
Concerts. Hanging out with friends/casual outings. Hipster type attire. Art shows. Active camouflage on your grandma's sofa. Hikes.

Not suitable for:
Fancy dinner dates. Business meetings (unless if you're some sort of performer or artist). People who hate floral. Running alone at night in the middle of the street (you'll get hit by a car). Fighting a bear. Karate tournament.


  1. im feelin that 90s trend from the denim-on-denim style! :) great outfit

  2. cool look!


  3. i've been thinking whether floral prints for me or not. found one but still hesitating. since your post is the 2nd one i've seen today, i guess i'm getting myself a floral shirt.


  4. It's a great look

  5. Good style! :-) Greetings.

  6. I think the denim jacket paired with the floral shirt is lovely. You look dashing :)