Thursday, March 20, 2014

Carry on my Wayward Soul

Photos by: Bethany Struble                               Sweater by: Old Navy                           Shirt by: H&M                                Pants by: Kasil Workshop                                Shoes by: Guidomaggi 

I've been loving so many pieces from Old Navy lately. Honestly, one of the most affordable places to get good solid basic pieces. Most of my staple collections are from there or target tbh.

Suitable for:
Clean dressers. Dinner dates. Meeting the parents. Church. Dating a taller chick (these shoes give a clean 2"). Casual Cocktail events.

Not suitable for:
Rock and Rollers. Breakdance battles (seriously, the pants will rip, don't try it). Walking on the beach dates (sand will invade the cuff in your pants and your elevator shoes, not fun).  Playing world of warcraft (it gets hot). People who hate blue.

Peace and love from me and Bethany!


  1. Loving the jumper

  2. i like the color coordination between the watch/pants and black shirt/black shoes! very nice.

  3. great look!

  4. lovee your outfit as always <3
    nice sweater !

  5. Love this sweater! The colors are perfect I think I'd totally wear one like that one.