Sunday, March 9, 2014

Royal Blood

 Photos by: Yoshi Sudarso                                          Jacket by: Black Lapel                                         Pants & Shirt by: H&M                                Shoes by: Aldo

So some of you asked about the outfit I was wearing in the Smellcome to Manhood post. Well of course I wouldn't leave that out! Here it is! The outfit was worn for the Oscars, and because I was wearing old spice, I kind of used that to pull inspiration by wearing the bold red shirt. Sometimes I like wearing three piece suits, but for a clean look without being to formal, I often leave out the tie, unbutton the top collar button and leave it as a two piece suit.

Suitable for:
Fancy events. Cocktail parties. Dinner dates. Art shows. Meeting the parents. Someone who needs to looks sophisticated easily.

Not Suitable for:
Business Meetings (well you can, but I don't recommend the bold red, maybe a more business color like a baby blue or a white dress shirt). Going to jail (wearing skinny pants to jail is honestly just asking for it). Casual days/hangouts. Hiking. Eating Carl's JR (try it and lmk how it goes). Beach days.

Also Here is a gif so you guys can see the outfit better!


  1. Awesome gif!

  2. I like it in theory but I don't know if those pants quiiiite go with the rest of the outfit. The gif kind of revealed that they're pulling stitches on the sides which makes them look more like gray skinny jeans than an accompaniment to that jacket.

    That aside, I do love the shirt and I think the red compliments your skintone very very nicely.


  3. Nice look! Love your style! ;)

  4. Nice suit man, love the contrast with the shirt!!

  5. Awesome! You look very dapper in that suit and top, but I have to agree with Miss Demi on the pants. I'd prefer if you took a well ironed one, which still fits, but does not pulls at the stitches. Still, your style is amazing overall. I like how you put in some good tips too. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

    Howard Crist @ Hidalgo Brothers