Monday, March 3, 2014

Smellcome to Manhood!

This post was sponsored by Old Spice

Hey ladybros! SMELLCOME to manhoooood. So you guys don't even know how excited I am to be working with old spice. Not only is their brand color red 8] the best color ever, but they also actually have quality items. The aqua reef deodorant has been my go to ever since I've become a "man" which is codeword for hitting puberty and smelling like onions (jk I smell like roses).

The package came with:
- A certificate that literally states that I'm a man, a movie (Starring Sylvester Stallone, which is a man amongst men)
- Three body sprays (swagger, fiji, bearglove)
- Duct tape (essential man-tool)
- Last but not least, Forge, an old spice hair putty.

 Hair Putty: Forge

The hair putty is honestly my favorite product when it comes to putting anything in my hair. My hair by nature is INCREDDIBLY dry and nappy, so shaping it is a bit annoying. Thankfully, hair putty doesn't flake up like hair gel does or give that wet sheen, so it aids in controlling this crazy mane of mine while looking extremely natural.

Old spice's hair putty has a light scent which is always nice when using a hair product, you never want something on your head overwhelming and/or countering any other scent you might have on.

Quick Hair styling tips
-When using the hair putty, you want to take a small portion, dime sized or more depending on your hair type and length, and coat both hands with it
-Rub the putty through your hair to make your hair more mold-able
-Gently sculpt your hair using the lightly coated putty from your fingers to give it finishing touches
-Personally, to do my hair, I use the putty to help supress my sides and push it down. (it gives my face frame a sleeker look. works well with wider faces like mine)
-Then I brush the top of my hair forward finishing it by bringing the bangs up (usually I bring the bangs slightly to the side, regardless of the forward motion that the top of my hair has if my hair is too long)

Body Sprays
Scent is such an important sense that a lot of guys have sadly neglected. Most girls I ask, "what is a huge turn off for you?" most of them say, "bad B.O." Thankfully Old Spice here has supplied me with three great smelling body sprays. The three different body sprays are as pictured, Fiji, Swagger, Bearglove.

Fiji is a sweeter smelling body spray, which is not my personal favorite, but the clean refreshing spray is kinda nice when you're not looking for the deep musk in a body spray.

Swagger is a classic old spice, yet for some weird reason it's been foreign to me up until today. The smell is clean yet musky. It's by far my personal favorite, I'll probably be picking up this scent once this body spray runs out. It's got the classic smell, and of course provides enough swag for any man to require.

Bearglove was actually the only scent I owned before I got the body spray. Bears being my animal spirit, I had to try it out. Sadly the smell is nothing like I'd expected, which is not a bad thing. I was hoping the smell be musky and masculine, but bearglove is actually a bit sweet and fruitier than I'd expected. The scent is slightly sweet and fresh, I highly recommend it for those who like the out of the shower soaped smell.

Want your own smellcome to manhood gift set? Keep posted for a giveaway set coming shortly


  1. Great useful tips bro! Thanks

  2. I laughed really hard when I saw the gif (mainly the red shirt and the entire Old Spice collection on your bathroom counter), thank you for that.

    I reckon I'll get my boyfriend some of the hair putty, the stuff he currently uses actually flakes and looks like dandruff which is a little bit naff. How is the pricepoint on these products?

    1. if you enter the giveaway I'm posting in a bit, you can get it for free :] but yeah, flakes are a no go.

    2. If it's open internationally, I'll be all up in that! :) Thanks, Yoshi!

  3. I hate how they don't have old spice here in Australia ):

    1. They do. Just take a look on

  4. where can we get the certificate? i'd like to gift it as a gag gift lol

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