Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Candy Cane Lane

Photos By: Nick Sutjongdro           Sweater by: F21

So I've talked about dressing in camo to hide away from Aunt May's bunions, but what if....WHAT IF, you don't want to hide away. What if you wanna to be the joy of the party. Well let's think about it that way. Family gatherings consist of 20% adults 25% teens/young adults 100% kids! (it makes sense if you really think hard) And what do kids like? Candy! so this outfit is made to replicate the most yummiest of all candy canes, orange cream candy cane! That way, the moment you walk into a room, you'll be irresistible to everyone!...who likes candy cane that is. Either way, at least you'll still looks clean cut.