Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kickin it old school

Photos by: Nick Sutjongdro                                     Pants by: Pacsun           

Kind of a late blog post seeing as how this look was posted about a week or so ago, but you guys forgive me right? Anyways, here are a couple of the pictures from the shoot. I decided to go back to my old signature styles of being extremely basic and laid back for this outfit. This is what I'd usually wear on a day to day basis anyways, now I know what you're thinking, "liek omg peter, you're such a basic b*tch!" well yes reader, yes, you're right. I AM a basic b*tch. AND I LOVE IT.


  1. You might be putting a bunch of basics together, but I don't think that this *look* is basic. It still shows that you're stylishly inclined.


  2. I LOVE IT TOO!! you're so cool (:

  3. looks good!

  4. just discovered your blog, it's great:)

    you should expand your tumblr:P


  5. I love the old school jacket and converse! Great style!

    Rachel Ashley

  6. A look that can't go wrong. Thumbs up!