Monday, December 10, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Photos by: Bethany Struble                             Shirt by: Pacsun                      Sweater by: H&M                      Pants by: Kasil Workshop

It's officially "Christmas Season"! I see folks running around wearing scarves and ugly sweaters and I think to myself...Bro it's only 70 degrees. But really. I feel as if cold fashion doesn't really exist too much in socal, well I mean it does in the mornings but come 12 PM, all the sweaters come off. Ironically the scarves stay on. Don't ask me why, it still baffles me. Even this look got unbearably hot by 12 PM. Probably more suited for a colder environment.

For this look, I decided to throw on this ginormous sweater to balance the denim levels. By only letting a little bit of denim shirt peep out, it creates more of a denim "accent" look instead of a denim heavy look, which isn't what I was going for in the first place. It's something I like to do with my shirts when I feel they're a bit strong aesthetically. Which is good! Denim on denim is doable and good in the right amounts, but some peeps just wanna break "the fashion law" and just throw on a bunch of denim pieces, which can be rather disastrous at times.

Things to think about when wearing denim pieces together:
-Color (if the two pieces vary greatly in color, it can either complement each other or...just make you look like your grandad...who wasn't very stylish)
-Amount (if you throw on denim everything, and they're all in the same texture and color, it sort of just blends it all together, making you look like a land whale..whatever that is)
-texture (DO NOT WEAR obvious jeggings with raw denim. ever. I see it and it's almost obvious that you bought your sh*t from TV late at night while watching CSI law and order. STAHP. honestly, I'm sure your pajama jeans are very comfortable but they don't go well with raw denim)
-Size (just like all clothing pieces, size is probably one of the most important things. Don't wear your tight *ss skinny jeans that you got from hot topic while trying to hit on the cashier, with your dad's old big Dole denim jacket. You'll look like a denim balloon. An ugly one. One Kylie wouldn't even wanna play with)

Alright I hope that all helps.


  1. The way you combined denim on denim made it anyway really sophisticated and I love it! ^^

  2. the green looks really good on you!

  3. Haha your guide on how to combine denim makes me laugh so much! But I totally agree, especially with the points on texture and size. Love how you combined the denim, though

    xx maggie

  4. Great tips!
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