Monday, December 31, 2012

Layering Tips

Photos by: Nick Sutjongdro                         Jacket by: PacSun

Winter is finally here....sort of. Well it's been really cold lately, cold enough for me to wear this awesome jacket. In fact, it's sort of been my go-to jacket for the past month. So I wanted to also address the topic of layering. When it comes to layering, a lot of people just pile on the layers. Which is a terrible way to layer...well not really, you're technically still layering and keeping warm, but when you do, you're just an fashion onion.

Fash·ion on·ion

[fash-yuh n uhn-yuh n] 
1. A fashionisto/ta that has plenty of layers of clothes and zero layers of style. And also stinks.

But when it does come to layering, here are a couple tips to keep in mind.
1. Colors (Have coordinating colors, i.e. complements and other colors that go well together)
2. Details/Patterns (Floral dress shirt with a floral v-neck sweater doesn't make you dandy/dapper, it makes you look like a walking shrubbery, which....may be useful at times. but if you're gonna layer prints, most of the time, you'd wanna keep it to a minimum, with maybe just peeks of it to enhance the outfit)
3. Fit (idk how many times I emphasize this, but the fit/size of things really matter, don't wear an incredibly large cardigan with a tiny slim fitting leather jacket)

That's pretty much it that I can think of, I hope it helps! Now go out there and layer my cold stylers! And...hopefully you won't end up looking like a walking bush.


  1. Very good advices as always!
    Really cool look, I´m really a fan of your blog!
    Happy new yaer! my best wishes for you.

  2. Finally its great to see a menswear blogger WRITE as well as take pictures rather than just take pictures and add 3 words.
    Where are your desert boots from?

    Jay at The Style Economist

  3. I totally love your style. Hope I can mange those style too. :) Happy Holiday anyway. :)