Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Matters

Photos by: Nick Sutjongdro                      Jacket by: Levi's                     Shoes by: Dr. Marten's

This isn't exactly the Christmas Eve post that most of you would probably be looking at/for, but it's close enough. You know when you're at those family gatherings and you kinda wish you could just disappear? Well now you can! This outfit is specially designed to be stylish for when da ladies are around (no, not at your family gatherings you sicko) and undercover when family members are around. Don't wanna talk to aunt May? Blend into the foliage! Amazing isn't it? Anyways I hope you guys have a holly jolly Christmas or something like that.


  1. love how you layer those shirts! awesome look peter!

  2. Hahaha you're so funnny! I love reading your posts and watching your youtube videos. You, your brother, and your friends are a funny bunch :D make a new vid soon please :)

  3. great layering!

  4. great look !!
    I hope you come visit my blog sometime :)